The Resident Teacher at Kadampa Meditation Centre Wellington is Kelsang Shechog

Kelsang Shechog is a qualified Kadampa practitioner and teacher of Kadampa Buddhism.  She has received extensive teachings of both Sutra and Tantra including the empowerments of Highest Yoga Tantra from Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche.  She has studied on Special Teacher Training Programme and engaged sincerely in meditation retreats on both Sutra and Tantra.  Shechog is known for her ability to inspire others through sincere practice and to present the deeper meanings of Venerable-Geshe-la’s books in a way that is practical and relevant to all who listen.  She teaches at the Centre in Island Bay and various classes around the Wellington area. She also teaches our Foundation Programme.

Kelsang Lachpa is a New Zealand Buddhist monk and the Education Programme Coordinator for Kadampa Meditation Centre Wellington. He has been studying and practicing Kadampa Buddhism for many years. He is known for his heartfelt, light and inspiring teachings. Lachpa teaches our Ngaio class.

Kwai Chan is our teacher in Paraparaumu. Kwai has been studying on our Teacher Training Programme for many years. She uses her experience of integrating meditation into daily life to present the teachings in a clear, practical and inspiring way. Kwai teaches our Paraparaumu branch classes.

Rachael Steele is a heartfelt Buddhist practitioner who has been studying Buddha’s teachings and practising meditation for many years. As a mother in a modern busy world she has a skilful way of making meditation accessible and relevant in our everyday lives and is known for her joyful and sincere presentation of Buddha’s teachings. Rachael is the assistant Education Programme Coordinator at our Centre. She teaches our weekly drop-in classes in Wellington CBD on The Terrace, and our children’s classes.

Michele Lint is a warm-hearted teacher and an experienced meditation practitioner who has been studying Kadampa Buddhism for more than 12 years. She brings to her teachings a sincere interest in helping others and a clear and insightful understanding of how meditation and mindfulness can improve our daily life. Michele teaches our weekly drop-in classes in Kapiti.