Vajrayogini Counting Retreat


Kadampa Meditation Centre Wellington (old)
94 Derwent St, Island Bay, Wellington
Sat 01 Jan - Sun 06 Feb
Various (please see below)

Vajrayogini Counting Retreat

Please Note: You must have received Heruka and Vajrayogini empowerment at an International Kadampa Festival to attend this retreat.

About the Retreat

Vajrayogini’s mantra is said to be the most powerful of all mantras. By reciting it we are cared for by all the Dakinis of the twenty-four places, as well as their emanations. We draw closer to Vajrayogini, making a connection with a special friend and eventually enjoying the same blissful happiness she does. Our negativities and obstacles are pacified, and our speech becomes very powerful. Our spiritual realisations increase and ultimately, reciting this mantra enables Vajrayogini to rescue us from the prison of samsara and take us to her pure land of Keajra Heaven.
January is a very special month for practitioners of Highest Yoga Tantra as it is considered the month of the deities Heruka and Vajrayogini. During this month we receive special blessings from these enlightened deities. For this reason January is the best time to do the close retreat of Vajrayogini in which we engage in the practice of ‘Verbal Recitation’ counting 100,000 mantras of this deity.
If you have received a Highest Yoga Tantra empowerment you are able to accomplish this close retreat and create a special connection with Vajrayogini.


Retreat Fee: $185

For KMCW Study Members: $100  (use coupon code SPM)

For KMCW Great Benefactors: $65  (use coupon code GB)

Food & Fire Puja Fee: Costs for lunch and fire puja are additional to the retreat fee (and can be paid at a later date once the amounts have been finalised). Please provide your own breakfast and dinner. Estimated cost for lunch is $6/day and for the Fire Puja $35-$50.  

Accommodation: Sat 1st Jan – Sun 6th Feb

Single Room: $1850 ($50/night)

Dorm Room (FEMALE ONLY): $814 ($22/night)

Camping: $370 ($10/night)

Off-site: $0

Payment options:

Pay in full now 

Pay a 20% deposit (use the coupon code deposit) and pay the remainder by 20th December.

Booking are now closed.

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