Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, the founder of the New Kadampa Tradition, has designed 3 unique Study Programmes:

  • General Programme (GP)
  • Foundation Programme (FP)
  • Teacher Training Programme (TTP)

These in-depth study programmes offered at Kadampa Meditation Centre Wellington consist of systematic study and practise of Kadampa Buddhism and are especially suited to people of this modern world.

Read a transcript of a talk given by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso on the benefits of the Foundation & Teacher Training Programmes by clicking here.


The General Programme (GP) is open to everyone regardless of previous experience or background. These classes provide a basic introduction to meditation and Buddha’s teachings that are suitable for beginners. The purpose of these classes is to help people gain a personal experience of inner peace, overcome daily problems, and find real lasting happiness from within.

The GP includes all our drop-in classes, courses and some retreats.

with Resident Teacher Kelsang Shechog
Thursdays | 7 – 9pm
Starting 22 March, 2018

The Foundation Program (FP) provides a special opportunity to deepen your understanding of Buddha’s teachings and improve your ability to meditate. This year we will be studying the book The New Eight Steps to Happiness. You are welcome to try this class at any time. Contact us for more information about FP and how to join.

with Resident Teacher Kelsang Shechog
Sundays | 4pm – 8pm

We are currently studying the book The New Heart of Wisdom.

Foundation Programme (FP) offers us the opportunity to receive the oral transmission of Buddha’s teachings and their commentaries, to study systematically, be guided in meditation and discuss Dharma with spiritual friends. It will naturally and quickly build our confidence to apply Dharma in daily life and will joyfully turn our initial insights into actual realizations of Dharma.

The secret of the Foundation Program’s success lies in the manageable commitment and clear structure of study that is especially suited to the modern world. The classes are divided into terms, with plenty of breaks between each term.

  1. There are two classes every Sunday from 4 – 8pm (4-5:45pm, 30 minute break, 6:15 – 8pm)
  2. Each class includes guided meditations, oral transmission of the text, practical teachings and time for questions and answers
  3. The class also engages in group and paired discussion to help deepen their understanding of the material

The Programme comprises of five subjects, based on Buddha’s Sutra teachings and the corresponding six commentaries by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche:

THE HEART SUTRA: The New Heart of Wisdom

Through studying The New Heart of Wisdom we gain a realization of the ultimate nature of reality. By gaining this realization we can eliminate the ignorance of self-grasping, which is the root of all our suffering.

TYPES OF MIND: How to Understand the Mind

By studying How to Understand the Mind we understand the relationship between our mind and its external objects. If we understand that objects depend upon the subjective mind, we can change the way objects appear to us by changing our own mind. Gradually we shall gain the ability to control our mind and in this way solve our problems.


By studying Joyful Path of Good Fortune we gain the ability to put all Buddha’s teachings of both Sutra and Tantra into practice. We can easily make progress on and complete the stages of the path to the supreme happiness of enlightenment. From a practical point of view, the Stages of the Path is the main body of Buddha’s teachings, and the other teachings are like its limbs.

TRAINING THE MIND: Universal Compasion & The New 8 Steps to Happiness

Universal Compassion is a commentary to Bodhisattva Chekhawa’s ‘Training the Mind in Seven Points’. By studying Universal Compassion, we gain the ability to integrate Buddha’s teachings into our daily lives and solve all our human problems. The New Eight Steps to Happiness is a commentary to ‘Eight Verses of Training the Mind’ composed by the great Tibetan Bodhisattva Langri Tangpa. By studying The New Eight Steps to Happiness, we can transform all life’s difficulties into valuable spiritual insights.


By studying Meaningful to Behold we transform our daily activities into the Bodhisattva’s way of life, thereby making every moment of our human life meaningful.

If you are interested in trying out the Foundation Programme please contact Lachpa to arrange your free trial classes.

Lachpa can be contacted on (04) 383 5213 or education


You can study on our Foundation Programme (FP)  if you live outside Wellington. All classes are made available via audio downloads.


The Teacher Training Programme offers the opportunity to train as a qualified meditator and teacher of Kadampa Buddhism. This involves the study of twelve texts under the close guidance of a qualified teacher.