Meditation & Buddhism
MONDAYS: 7 – 8:30PM with Kelsang Shechog
Class fee: $12 | Free for Centre Members

Classes at Kadampa Meditation Centre Wellington, 94 Derwent Street, Island Bay

Learn practical meditations that help us solve the problems of daily life and find a deep inner peace and contentment that remains with us out of meditation. Each class consists of two guided meditations and an explanatory talk.

Meditation and Mindfulness • 14 August – 4 September

How can we cope with ever-increasing demands from every direction? Buddha’s teachings offer us an alternative — by using the power of our mindfulness, we can develop, strengthen, and keep a special experience of peace and stability in our mind despite a very busy life.

Mindfulness is essential to keep our sanity day to day as well as for personal development, helping us realise our full potential.

Overcoming Anxiety • 11 September – 9 October

Fear and anxiety are one of the biggest internal struggles faced by people in modern day society. Learn how to use meditation and practical application of Buddha’s teachings on the mind to overcome these negative emotions and find inner freedom.

Transforming Life’s Difficulties • 16 October – 6 November

Transforming difficult conditions is vital because we are constantly surrounded by difficulties. We cannot avoid difficult situations but if we can change our attitude to them they will no longer be problems. We can even use these difficulties to train our mind.

Self Confidence • 13 November – 11 December

Self-confidence is not a quality that we either have or we don’t have. In fact, it is a state of mind that can be cultivated. By applying Buddha’s teachings on the mind we come to discover that our insecurities are based on mistaken apprehensions of ourselves. As a result, we end up identifying with our limitations.

In this series, through inspiring talks and powerful guided meditations, we will learn how to experience the pure and limitless nature of our mind. Through this joyful experience we naturally let go of our inhibiting insecurities and instead identify with our potential. This authentic self-confidence naturally empowers us in all our activities. We will explore how to integrate this self-confidence into our life and in particular how to use it to bring about the deeper changes that we long for. In this way we begin to be the confident, joyful, loving person we truly wish to be.

Simply Meditate
Drop in Classes
THURSDAYS: 11AM – 12PM with Kelsang Shechog

Class fee: $10 | Free for Centre Members
Classes at Kadampa Meditation Centre Wellington, 94 Derwent Street, Island Bay

Escape the stress and busyness of life to discover the peace of meditation for yourself in these short meditation sessions. Be guided through simple meditations that relax the mind and body, leading to a deep experience of contentment and inner peace. Beginners welcome. Drop-in any week.

August 17 – December 14


Kadampa Meditation Centre Wellington
94 Derwent Street, Island Bay, 6023